Episode DP | 10 x 30-minute episodes | Newsy's magazine-style documentary series

In Real Life is Newsy's ongoing hosted documentary series. Serving as a recurring cinematographer for the magazine-style series, I have filmed and edited stories that touch on a wide range of current events. Puerto Rico's power crisis, the global race to keep up with demand for lithium in northern Chile, and the dark illicit world of art trafficking in Kathmandu, Nepal are a few of the most recent projects I have worked on.

Locations / 

Production for In Real Life has had me navigate widely varying environments:

Kathmandu, Nepal

London, England

Atacama Desert, northern Chile

Santiago, Chile

western Colorado

Jackson, Mississippi

The Appalachian Trail, New Hampshire

+ more

Equipment / 

Sony FX9 Full-frame Cinema Body

Sony G Master lenses

Sennheiser microphones

Selected episodes /

Mining for Clean Power - Episode DP and co-editor

The God Thieves - Camera Operator

Puerto Rico's Power Crisis - Camera Operator

Post Trauma - Camera Operator

Interview frames and scenes were crafted hand-in-hand alongside cinematographers Kyle Pyatt, Kevin Clancy and Erik Ljung.

Using Format